Rooted in Greek tradition, cereal have a unique role at the modern cuisine.

Coarse Bulgur Ideal for salads, side dishes and stuffing

Coarse Bulgur

The characteristic Tyroleza grains, with their yellowish appearance, are an excellent element for a balanced diet.Accompany your dishes and use in stuffings.


Medium-coarse Bulgur Ideal for salads, side dishes and stuffing

Medium-coarse Bulgur


This particular cereal is medium in size and processed in low heat. It is found in cuisines around the world as a rich source of fiber and manganese. Try it as an alternative to rice and give your dish a unique flavor.


Peeled Wheat Ideal for flour

Peeled Wheat

A unique product of Greek cuisine and Greek food traditions. Tyroleza’s peeled wheat does not need to be soaked before boiling.



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